This membership is about community, learning, and exploring the different times of the year. It is about coming together and seeking what feels right to you for your journey along your spiritual path. The perks aren’t bad either.

“Finding community and unity in our different ways of worship.”

Through this membership you will find guidance and support for your spiritual path. The membership consists of online and offline participation. There will be monthly gatherings, readings, discounts, lessons, and more.

If you are looking to start a new spiritual journey, one that goes within, where you can figure out what is calling to you, then you have landed in the right spot!

Perk 1

Discounts on card readings

Perk 2

Rituals led by Karen so you can learn.

Perk 3

Pick-A-Pile Monthly Card Draws

Perk 4

Early Access & Discounts for any courses

Healing is an important part of everyones journey.

When we start out on our own journey to figure out who we are and what is right for us spiritually, there is a lot of inner work that can be hard to navigate. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. With this membership you will gain access to opportunities for healing.

That may be through a Healing Circle, a Meditation, or even just some Journalling Prompts. The key is to keep going and push deeper until you have healed whatever trauma is stopping you from moving forward.

It is important to understand that healing is not a one and done kind of deal. Even though you may think that you have healed from a trauma there may be more burried a litle deeper just waiting to reveal itself. That is okay! Know that it is a part of the process and your community with this membership is here to help you through it.

Join the Community!

Join the community today with a $20/month recurring fee and gain instant access to all benefits.